Bundaberg Country Music Club

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2019 for Talent Search
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Talent Search and Competition

ELIGIBILITY / DEFINITIONS:  This competition is open to Non-Professional performers - individuals who perform for their own satisfaction as opposed to performing for the majority of their income.                                                                                                                          

INELIGIBLE to compete are Festival Judges and Trainee Judges who have judged at any Country Music Event and Professional Music Teachers who have earned the majority of their income as a teacher. They may assist in the musical backing of contestants.

COUNTRY:  All performances must be within this genre, Modern or Traditional with the exception of PERFORMER’S CHOICE.

MUSICAL BACKING: Must be all LIVE Backing, with the exception of PERFORMER’S CHOICE.

Our object is to promote new Talent of the future and encourage and support the new generations as they embrace their own modern style in keeping COUNTRY alive.  Assistance is offered to ALL competitors to ensure the Band is familiar with your Backing. Send Song title, artist, key, chording requirements to Paula Gray   M: 0429 470 559  -  Email: kpgray8@bigpond.com



The Festival Committee will have general management and control and shall have the authority to interpret and apply these Rules and Conditions, and where a matter has not been specifically addressed within, a ruling shall be made by the said Committee.

MINORS: Junior and Juveniles must be under authorized adult or parental supervision during the entire Event.

VISUAL / AUDIO IMAGES:   Please indicate on Entry Form agreement or otherwise for Permission to take and release VISUAL and AUDIO Images to be used by Bundaberg Country Music Club Inc. and the Media, for Promotional purposes.

Conduct and Regulations within the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct must be appropriate as for any Venue of this type.

Loss or Damage: The Bundaberg Country Music Club Inc. its Sponsors, Volunteers, and the Bundaberg Regional Council, and its servants shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained during the Festival.

AGE GROUPS:  Effective from first day of Competition 30/03/2018

JUVENILE: 12 years and under.                                                                                                                                                                           JUNIOR:  13 to17 years.

OPEN JUVENILE & JUNIOR:  Under 12 to 17 years.                                                                                                                                               SENIOR: 18 to 59 years may enter all Senior Sections and Open Senior Sections with the exception of Golden Oldies.

GOLDEN OLDIES: 60 yrs and Over may enter all Open & Senior Sections with the exception of Male and Female Vocal 18 to 59 yrs.

OPEN SECTIONS:  Open to ALL Age Groups including Junior & Juvenile.

SENIOR DUO:  A Junior or Juvenile may enter with a SENIOR in the Senior Duo as well as a Junior Duo.

OPEN INSTRUMENTAL:  If more than 5 Junior/Juveniles enter any OPEN event, a new Junior Section will be added.


CHORD CHARTS:  CHORDS over WORDS.  5 Copies per Song in clear refill display books with Name on each book.                                                 Page Size A4 – limit of 2 pages per Song. ARIAL Font – All Bold /Caps. Size14.

Include Song Title & KEY (not Capo position) Indicate Chorus / lead breaks etc.                                                                                      


ALL CONTESTANTS must check in Back Stage,15 minutes before the start of each Section and must remain in the Back Stage                                                                             Area, ready to perform at least 3 Contestants before yourself. NOISE must be kept to a minimum please.

DRESS CODE:  Neat and respectable attire must be worn, including own Backing Band, and for presentation of Awards and Photos.

CONTESTANTS:  To appear once per Section as numbered, unless directed otherwise by the Stage Manager.

                                                                                                                                                        SOUND MANAGEMENT is controlled by our Professional Audio Engineer and assistant whose AREA is totally out of bounds to ALL except AUTHORIZED personnel.

PA / AMPS / DRUMS / KEYBOARD is supplied, and will be the only equipment used in Competition with the exception of own instruments. Own Keyboard if required must be set up before Section commences.                                                                                 


JUDGES must NOT be approached while Judging is in progress. The Judges’ decisions are final.

ADJUDICATION FORMS will be available for collection by Competitors or a Club representative AFTER the AWARDS at the Adjudication area.  Most Judges are open to discussion then, also.



SECRETARY’S OFFICE: Any Festival business, Enquiries, Suggestions, Complaints, stage Announcements to be made here.